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Private Golf Lesson.
in English.

HGA Private Golf Lesson

Yumi’s private golf lesson in English

Yumi Hirano

LPGA Teaching Pro Class A
University instructor of English
Yoga instructor

The encounter with yoga and the study of anatomy have dramatically changed how I use the body in golf.Taking advantage of that experience, I will propose swing making and lessons that take advantage of the characteristics of the customer’s body.
I am also good at golf lessons in English, so I look forward to your participation.

About Yumi’s golf lesson
Free rental golf club and shoes!!

At Hills Golf Academy, we offer you private lessons for golfers of a variety of levels. For beginners, we have the efficient method of how to hold a club, take a posture, and make a smooth swing etc, which will give you the confidence to stand at the first teeing ground on a golf course soon.

For the experienced, with the latest equipment, our instructors who acquired the modern theory of a golf swing analyze your swing and lead you to the goal you are eager to meet. We are equipped with GCquad which analyzes your precise impact, BodiTrack which shows you where you put your weight of your body during a swing, Patt view which visualizes the line you have to aim, the line a ball rolls on, and the swing you need.

And you can rent clubs and shoes you need for free, so come to us anytime after work or on a day off!

Trial Lesson Fee
Choose from two types

1. Private swing check experience 25min. ¥5,500 / Per person
2. Private lesson experience 50min.
(PUTT VIEW is also available)
¥8,800 / Per person

* All prices listed above include tax.

Private Lesson Fee
50 min. per lesson x

[ Membership ]

Classification Silver Gold Platinum
Annual fee ¥11,000 ¥33,000 ¥275,000

[ Lesson fee ] * PUTT VIEW lessons are the same amount.

Per lesson (silver) ¥12,100
Per lesson (Gold / Platinum) ¥10,890
5 times ticket (Silver) ¥52,800
5 times ticket (Gold / Platinum) ¥47,520

* All prices listed above include tax.

Free Practice Fee
Introducing PuttView.
Now launched the first time in Japan.

Driving range 50min. ¥1,650
Golf Simulator 50min.
(Weekdays 11:00-17:00)
Golf Simulator 50min.
(Weekdays from 18:00 to 20:00, weekends and holidays)
PUTT VIEW practice 30min. ¥4,400
Putter practice 30min. ¥2,200


Come and join us!!

The Mori Building Group proposes “HILLS GOLF LIFE” for everyone who lives and works in Tokyo metropolitan area.


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HGA Private Golf Lesson